How Fantasy Dildos Make Your Fantasies Come True

Fantasy fetishes have been around for quite a while. We all know stories about dragons kidnapping beautiful maids and princesses. And the reality behind each of these stories is a bit kinky. Many people are attracted to something that’s not even real. And yes, it can be challenging. But fortunately, there are ways to make your fantasies come true, so enjoy having a good time!

What Is Fantasy Fetish?

It is normal to have a preference or a kink. And the same thing applies to fetishes. But what happens if your fetish is impossible? Fantasy fetish is a way of indulging and fulfilling your fantasies through roleplay, imagination, and toys. There are many fetishes, but not all are tied to reality.

For example, autoplushophilia is a fetish where people will imagine themselves in the form of a plushie or an anthropomorphized animal. As you can probably guess already, that is not something achievable in any way other than cosplay and imagination.

Another popular fetish you might have encountered is macrophilia. The person with this fetish will be sexually attracted to giants and giantesses. Since we are not talking about the New York Giants, the person having this fetish might have a challenging time. Usually, they will have to resort to watching porn, where they might fulfill their fantasy to a degree. The performer will use camera tricks to create an illusion of being a giant to achieve that.

Teratophilia is often referred to when a person is attracted to mythical beings and monsters like werewolves and others. Fantasy fetish is an excellent way to enjoy yourself and finally have your fantasies come true.

Satisfying Fetishes

Having a fetish is not the end of the world. There are many ways to satisfy your needs without doing something bad or impossible. It is not rare to see someone having an illegal fetish. One of the most common types is voyeurism and exhibitionism, and it’s something you have probably heard of. But waving your pee-pee in public is not the only way to go (also, don’t do it). You can always place a mirror in your bedroom, and it will allow you to look at some tasty action with your partner.

Furthermore, roleplay can solve many problems. Whether you are a furry or area fan of step-siblings fantasy, you and your partner can choose roles and try out something wild and kinky. Roleplay is one of the most popular activities in the bedroom, and you’ve seen it countless times in movies and porn. Similarly to BDSM, a person can be a dominant, submissive, vampire, or anything else. The only limit is your imagination.

Finally, you can always try out different sex toys that can spice up your sex life significantly. More and more companies are exploring fantasy fetishes, and today, you can find fantasy dildos, tail butt plugs, and many more.

What Are Fantasy Dildos

Maybe you got tired of playing Skyrim but still want to ride a dragon. There is a solution for that! Fantasy dildos are sex toys designed to offer something that would otherwise be impossible. Among the most popular fantasy toys, you can find dragon dildos. These toys cover all of the mythical animals you can imagine, like unicorns, aliens, and zombies. Through roleplay, you will be able to enjoy having your dreams come true!

But common sexual fantasies don’t revolve around mythical beings only. There are fantasy dildos dedicated to something quite real. The most obvious example is a horse dildo. Now, having and enjoying a horse dildo doesn’t mean that you want to shag a horse. It is more designed for those people who take pleasure in huge toys. For some, regular dildos are not enough, and they need something more.

Fantasy toys come in all shapes and sizes. The ones dedicated to larger creatures like dragons, minotaurs, or even Cthulhu, can be huge. The manufacturer will often use brighter colors and try to capture the nature of the creature that the toy represents. All materials are, of course, body-safe, and you can choose the firmness of the toy.

Types of Fantasy Dildos

The most common mistake is believing that a person liking dog dildos is into dogs. But that doesn’t mean anything. They can just enjoy the feeling, texture, and size of the toy.

Creating a list of all fantasy dildos would be nearly impossible, so we will try to focus on the most common ones. You can always find hand-made custom dildos, where the company will make a mythical penis based on your needs and desires.

Among the most popular types of fantasy toys are alien, unicorn, tentacle, dragon, and wolf dildos. The primary advantage of alien toys is that you can be entirely free while designing the toy, and you can create anything you like. Unicorn toys are shaped like a horse dong, and they can be quite big. And tentacle ones are something that’s been around for centuries. Tentacle porn is not a new thing, and one of the earliest images involving tentacles and a helpless girl dates from 1814!

The texture of the toy will mostly depend on the type, and the manufacturer will try to capture the spirit and nature of the creature whose penis they create.

What If You Do Not Have Any Fantasy Fetish? Can You Still Use Fantasy Dildos?

Of course! There is no reason not to enjoy using sex toys. If you find something that looks exciting and feels good, that’s it. You don’t need to have a specific fetish to enjoy fantasy dildos.

As we’ve already mentioned, horse dildos are popular because of their size, not the animal. That’s probably the primary reason unicorn dildos exist in the first place. The person will get a huge toy they will enjoy, but they won’t feel bad because unicorns are not real, even though they look like a horse with a horn. As a result, you will get a huge toy that belongs to a mythical creature, and you can have as much fun as you want.

Many people buy dragon dildos to try out something new and different. Due to the shape of the toy, it is unlike anything you’ve experienced before, and it might be something you’ll enjoy. Dragon fetishes are real, but they are not as common as you’d think. The majority of people enjoying dragon dildos are doing so because of the toy’s shape, size, and texture.

So even if you don’t want to bang unicorns and aliens, you can still get a fantasy toy. If that’s something you’d like to try, of course. Online shopping makes buying fantasy dildos super convenient, take for example.  That’s another reason for you to buy one and not worry about going to a physical store!


Both men and women have fantasies. But sometimes, these fantasies are just impossible. Some people are into mythical creatures, giants and giantesses, magic, and all sorts of things. While it might seem impossible to fulfill your sexual fantasies if you are into dragons, the truth is quite the opposite.

The most apparent and easiest way to make your dreams come true is through roleplay. You and your partner can pretend your fantasies are real and enjoy spending time together. Furthermore, you can always check out fantasy sex toys, designed to satisfy your every need. So many toys are available on the market, from a unicorn to werewolf, so there is no doubt you’ll find a perfect one for you.